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March 10, 2008

Here we go, head to the snow



shoosh on James Bond

Outpost Zero
Dr Freeze's henchmen at their headquarters
Brick lift shack, nice style...
On the Road


Decided to try out the wacky hat hunting in the Eastern Sierras, not as much action as Holiday time in Breck, but what

I missed in quantity I definately gained in quality


Pretty stock puffer fish with goggle/glasses combo.. keeping steez tight
Nice plaid nerf missile, beetle juice era
snowplows and that nemo fish hat.. not bad..
The Clown pulls through with a stylish skid to stop on the bricks... Fresh!

Clown wig is lampin!, cold... cold... lampin!


and now..... the score of all scores for the trip

The spikey,dragon tail mullet flap.. a fierce beast for sure


He was hunting too...


wacky dude taking pictures of wacky hat dude taking pictures of dudes with wacky hats.



Whitetail Deer Theme.... Majestic... Fierce....

My best alien workshop


Time to Jet... Jet.. woo woo wha woo woo.......... Jet!



Posted March 10, 2008





March 14, 2008

Hit the road




Saint Roger the Bazooka man... road guardian..


Rolling Hills...


Empty Highways... wait a minute where are we...?



Maps help when there are no arrows on the road to tell you where to go...



Show me the way

back to the grid


Miner Miner 1849er




Posted March 14, 2008



Post March 14 2008 part II


Desert Station Landing zone alpha




Microwave lighthouses..spacecraft landing strips? conspiracy theorist... paranoia?






Desert Travels, the mind just wanders to keep the boredom away


posted 3/14/08






March 14, 2008 post part three


Through the desert back to the Orange County glow



The sun does actually set in the West..






March 15, 2008

Last Week..

Orange County

Went to a parking garage...



Missile silo..?


Hell No!! this is the happiest place on earth.. get used to it..



see... happy...


Peeling back the orange curtain...



Splash Mountain.. good times man... good times



Modern people of the future wear yellow glasses, and we all enjoy space travel...





Talked to the captain of the ship.. Thumbs up! mission to mars is GO!!






take your protein pills and put your helmet on..


Ahh Yes.. the red planet, cant stay long though got some dinner plans back on earth





posted 3/15/08




Dental Floss.. Live it... Learn it... Love it..



Peace Out...



































Posted March 16, 2008





March 20, 2008

More Powerlines.. Highways.. Overpasses,, sadly no Planes or Helicopters


ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa







Thats me over there on the right


Should I post one more overpass photo?

I dont know I feel like posting one...



Of Course Im Going to Post another Overpass!!.... Fool, This is E-BLOGGO, The home of the underpass overpass





Madness... Madness... they call it Madness........



posted 3-20-08